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Mesh partitions and openwork floors

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  • For separating zones in rooms such as transformer stations, server rooms, machine rooms, warehouses;
  • Providing better air ventilation and visibility of individual zones;
  • Raising and leveling the floor.


Floors and partitions are made on the basis of projects entrusted or prepared by our designers. The selection of the solution is carried out at the customer’s site. We carry out individual orders for structures using sheet metal, grating, bars, profiles made of black metal, galvanized or aluminum.

Openwork floor

Made from steel profiles to any size. Mounted a short distance from the floor on special adjustable brackets, which allows accurate leveling of the floor. Elements of the structure are joined using welds, then the structure is subjected to the process of galvanizing and powder coating in any color.

Mesh partition

Any shape of partition structure made of a frame of profiles of any cross-section. The structure is filled with galvanized or powder coated mesh. The type and density of the mesh depends on the purpose of the partition and is selected individually. Partitions are made as stationary or hinged in the form of lockable doors.