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REM2 Class II enclosure

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For all switchgear requiring very high strength insulating material, providing full isolation and safety. The enclosure is applicable to the manufacture of switchgear:

  • RST – Transformer Station Switchgear,
  • SKS – HV Station Cable Cabinets,
  • SWS – WN Station Interior Cabinets,
  • ZK – Cable Connectors,
  • ZPP, ZPP-P, ZZP – Measurement sets,
  • SON – Street lighting cabinets,
  • TLP – Floor board switchboards,
  • RM – Modular Switchgear,
  • OU – Metal enclosures (OU-IP, OU-W, OU-RM, OU-SKS, OU-SIT, OU-S),
  • DU – Cover Doors.

Structure description

  • Outdoor standing on a concrete or metal foundation;
  • Internal standing on a metal pedestal or cable pocket;
  • Surface and recessed (plug-in) designs are possible, mounted on a special structure;
  • Made of aluminum or steel sheet joined by welding and bolting;
  • The thickness of the sheet metal adapted to the dimensions of the housing;
  • Can be achieved by an insulating layer, permanently lined on the inner and outer surfaces of the housing. The thickness of the layer ensures the right degree of insulation;
  • Insulation coating with high resistance to deterioration and external factors;
  • High resistance to UV, aging, weathering and aggressive chemical agents;
  • Long-term durability of the insulation coating;
  • IP30 to IP54 degree of protection;
  • Mechanical resistance: up to IK10;
  • Connecting to the foundation with insulation screws, and a special insulation spacer;
  • Isolated attachment of all mounting components from the housing body;
  • High mechanical strength at low and high temperatures;
  • The anti-allergenicity and harmlessness of the materials used in the production and insulation of the housing;
  • Easy to clean and remove dirt, anti-stain and anti-graffiti surface;
  • Doors of solid design;
  • Open to any side horizontally in single or double leaf versions;
  • Lockable with a basquil lock with a system cylinder and an additional padlock;
  • Additional gaskets installed in the door connection space provide additional tightness;
  • Three-point locking;
  • Adaptability of solutions to the applied apparatus, with the possibility of dividing into any number of parts – such as cable and measurement;
  • Separate enclosures for individual modules;
  • Single or gable roof with ventilation maze and double ventilation;
  • Preventing the accumulation of water and moisture;
  • The bottom has an opening to allow cables to enter from the cable duct.

Rated parameters

Rated switching voltage:230 V / 400 V
Rated insulation voltage:500 V / 690 V
Rated frequency:50 Hz
Surge voltage withstanding:8 kV
Rated-continuous current of the main rails:630A for ZK enclosures,
1250A for RST enclosures
Rated current of drain circuits:do 630 A
Rated short-term withstand current:20 kA
Rated peak withstand current:40 kA
Short-circuit current of the internal arc discharge:16 kA, 0,5 s
IP:standard 44
Protection class:II
Flammability category:V0
UV Resistance:index 0