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RPZ – Underground Switchgear

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  • Low-voltage electrical switchgear, signaling and telecommunications cabinets embedded below ground level;
  • Collective catenary return points;
  • Masking and protection from devastation or for landscape aesthetic reasons.



Wykonana jako segmentowa, szybka w instalacji, nie wymaga żadnego betonowania.
Made of plastic in a modular system that allows any change in the depth and width of the manhole. It has high resistance to dynamic loads. Does not have any protruding elements above the surface. The service life far exceeds that of concrete wells. The manhole has high elasticity, allowing 25 mm of deflection of the structure with the road surface, which significantly increases its service life.

The manhole is made of refractory material. The manhole is resistant to erosion, vibration, low temperature, fire, water, road salt, smaller oil, fuel and corrosive spills and exposure to strong light. The manhole segment system is made of polymers. The manhole can withstand loads of up to 40 tons. Complementing the manholes are cable channels and drainage. Holes can be made in the manhole for the introduction of cabling anywhere in the full size range.


Manhole cover made as concrete, steel, cast iron or plastic. Filling of the cover selected according to the type, shape and color of the pavement (cube, concrete slab, asphalt).


The manhole is equipped with an elevator together with a platform on which the inner casing is installed. The elevator allows lowering and raising the switchgear installed in the center of the manhole, using a hand crank or an automatic motor mechanism.

Internal enclosure
Aluminum OU-1S/OU-2S

Housing made of aluminum sheet (joining by welding or riveting). Powder coated in any color. Dimensions adapted to the type, amount of equipment and individual customer needs.

The housing has high resistance to degradation, environmental impact and UV radiation. The housing is made in protection class I or II. Protection class II of the housing is achieved by applying an additional insulating layer, permanently lined on the inner and outer surfaces of the housing. The thickness of the layer ensures the proper degree of insulation.

Ventilation allows constant air flow through the use of a ventilation labyrinth, while eliminating the ingress of dirt and the accumulation of water and moisture. Doors having internal hinges with anti-burglary catch and multi-point locking, basquil lock lockable with padlock or system cylinder.

The bottom of the enclosure has high IP-rated glands, allowing the introduction of wiring without unsealing the enclosure. The housing is placed at a certain level in the sump to avoid possible flooding. It is possible to install a water level sensor along with a high water level alarm system. The enclosures provide high tightness from IP 55 to IP 66, mechanical resistance from IK 06 to IK 10 and Class II protection.

The use of an additional cover for the internal housing allows the switchgear to be completely submerged in water, with no time limit.

The well and internal housing is suitable for mounting any switchgear: ZK, W, ZPP, ZPP-P, ZZP, SZR, SSA, RB, SON, SON-R and others as required.

The design of the manhole allows the introduction of a cable with any characteristics of cross-section, core and type of insulation.

Rated parameters

Rated switching voltage:230 V / 400 V
Rated insulation voltage:500 V
Rated frequency:50 Hz
Surge voltage withstanding:2,5 kV
Rated continuous
current of the main rails:
 do 910 A
IP rating:55 – 66 or total immersion
IK degree of mechanical resistance:10
Protection class:I/II
Dimensions of
the supply/receiving terminals:
2×240 mm2 / 120 mm2
Network layouts:TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT, IT
Load capacity of the manhole structure:40 tons (D400)