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FIREBOX – Fire Resistant Switchgears

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  • Fire protection of all installations, including fire protection systems, automation and electrical apparatus from the effects of very high temperatures, during a fire in all types of construction;
  • Reducing construction costs and reducing the area of the building required to separate the fire zone;
  • Provide a safety system for the facility by containing the onslaught of flames and hot gases;
  • Protection of industrial process apparatus in harsh working conditions (high temperature, gases);
  • provides fireproofing and thermal insulation around 40 – 140 degrees C inside the enclosure at ambient temperatures above 1000 degrees C.


  • The FIREBOX system of switchgear enclosures is an ideal small-sized solution for fire protection of all installations, apparatus, equipment and safety systems of buildings and industrial facilities against high temperatures (up to 1000 deg C) and gas penetration during a fire. Inside the enclosure, the temperature is maintained between 40 and 140 degrees C.
  • The housing allows the selection and use of any apparatus, thanks to the possibility of making it to any size. The use of special glands allows the introduction of cables of different cross-sections.
  • With FIREBOX enclosures, we reduce construction costs AND save the area of the facility necessary to separate the fire zone.


The FIREBOX design has met the restrictive requirements. It is each time designed individually to the needs of the customer.

It is made of several layers of properly profiled steel sheeting joined by welds. Between the layers there is a thermal layer of appropriate structure and thickness, responsible for containing high temperatures during a fire.

FIREBOX structure is made in the version for surface mounting. Painted with powder varnish in any color according to RAL palette.

Introduction of wires (lids)
The lower and upper parts of the FIREBOX are equipped with removable lids, which allow to install two-piece brass glands of MDW type. It is possible to insert cables of any cross-section through the glands. After inserting the wiring into the enclosure it is necessary to seal the glands with additional fire protection sealant, as recommended.

The door is made in exactly the same way as the walls and back of the enclosure, which ensures even temperature distribution throughout the structure and limits temperature rise inside the enclosure. Right-hand and left-hand doors are possible. The doors allow easy work inside the enclosure and are equipped with compatible locks and hinges. FIRBOX enclosure is equipped with an interior door with the possibility of installing any lock.

The housing is designed for wall mounting. It is mounted with wall brackets on both sides of the housing, equipped with screw holes. The spacing of the brackets is arbitrary.


The enclosure can be equipped with TH rails, mounting plate and a set of customized bezels. It is possible to equip the enclosure with switchgear according to the electrical design.

Rated parameters

Rated switching voltage:230 V / 400 V
Rated insulation voltage:690 V
IP rating:44
IK degree of mechanical resistance:10
Protection class: I
Fire resistance class:EI30, EI60, EI90