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Pole-mounted MV/LV transformer stations

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The stations are designed to supply rural, urban-neighborhood and small-scale industry consumers from a 15 kV or 20 kV medium voltage overhead or cable network.


The station structure is based on E-type spun prestressed concrete poles. It is founded by means of plate or well-shaped stopes.

The substation’s support structure is adapted to fulfill, to a limited extent, the function of a curb pole for medium- and low-voltage lines.

The power supply from the overhead line can be made with AFL 6-35 (50, 70) wire or insulated wire of 35 (50-70) mm2. The station can use transformers of various types without a maintainer with a capacity of up to 630 kVA.

The new generation of MV/LVpole stations takes into account the use of new materials and equipment, as well as new operational requirements, aimed at simplifying operation and increasing operational safety.


Supply of MV side

  • AFL bare wires 6-35; 50;(70);
  • 35;50;(70) insulated cables;
  • three-core cables;
  • single-coating;
  • Single-conductor cables with polyethylene insulation and small sheath.

Transformer power

  • typical up to 250 kVA;
  • 400 kVA;
  • Up to 630 kVA – max. weight of the transformer 2500 kg.

Rod type

  • E-type spun prestressed concrete poles.


  • LWP 8-24, LWP 8-245, LWZ 8-24 standing insulators;
  • LP 60/5u, LP 60/8, CS70AA20, CS70AA30, HASDI, SDI pendant insulators.

Degree of tightening

  • 0°; 1°; 2°;3°.

Type of soil

  • medium and weak.

Type of foundation

  • In a drilled hole;
  • dug, circle studies;
  • slab foundations.

Climate zones

  • I, II, III and areas with increased rime.

LV circuits

  • Overhead with bare or insulated conductors;
  • cables.

LV switchgear

  • RST switchgear up to 1250A in an aluminum enclosure in the I or II protection class, equipped with the following modules: power supply and drainage, measurement and balancing, site lighting. Pole-mounted switchgear attached to the station or cable-mounted on the foundation next to the station.

Rated parameters

Voltage Rating:15/0,4 kV; 20/0,4 kV, 30/0,4 kV
Rated insulation voltage:20 kV

Station types, transformer weight and power

STSR type stations 
STSR-PO-20/25 – 25 kVA350 kg
STSR-20/400 – 250 – 400 kVA1500 kg
STSRp-20/400 – 400 kVA2000 kg
STSRS type stations 
630 kVAdo 2500 kg
STS type stations p (b) 
STS-20/40 – do 40 kVA350 kg
STS-20/100 – do 100 kVA750 kg
STS-20/250 – 160 – 250 kVA1250 kg
STS-20/400 – do 400 kVA1650 kg
STN type stations 
STN-20/100 – do 100 kVA750 kg
STN-20/250 – 160 – 250 kVA1250 kg
STN-20/400 – 400 kVA1650 kg
STN-20/630 – 630 kVA2150 kg