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Container – MV/LV Transformer Stations in metal cabinets

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Containerized MV/nN Transformer Stations in a metal enclosure are designed to supply power to industrial plants, construction sites and to cooperate with renewable energy sources.


Metal-enclosed stations can be made both as stations with external service (KSZM) and stations with internal service corridor (KSWM). The construction of KSZM and KSWM stations is based on a welded frame structure with walls made of sandwich panels. As a result, these stations have high strength with lower weight compared to their concrete-encased counterparts. Such a solution significantly improves the mobility of the station, reduces the cost of transportation and foundation, and also allows the station to be transported to a location where access for heavy vehicles is difficult. Stations in metal enclosures can be equipped with metal foundations or skids.


Like stations in concrete enclosures, stations in metal enclosures are equipped with:

  • transformer
  • MV switchgear
  • LV switchgear
  • measuring board
  • telemechanics cabinet
  • door and ventilation joinery
  • lighting and grounding installation
  • cable sealing systems

If the station is equipped with an oil transformer, an oil sump is built into the transformer chamber, the volume of which is adjusted according to the amount of oil in the transformer.

In stations cooperating with photovoltaic farms operating at 800V, an auxiliary equipment is an own-needs transformer. It is used to reduce the voltage to 400V, so that the station’s own needs can be supplied from the LV or MV switchgear (in the case of PPW 15kV/0.23kV).

The dimensions and equipment of the station are adapted each time to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. The next page shows a sample KSZM station for cooperation with a photovoltaic farm.