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ZKSN MV cable connectors

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MV cable connectors are designed for the distribution of electricity in medium-voltage cable lines with a ring or radial arrangement.


MV cable connector housing consists of two elements: the main body and the roof. Both elements are made of self-compacting concrete SCC class C30/37. In the lower part of the main body there are openings equipped with grommets that allow the introduction of cables into the MV switchgear. The MV switchgear is operated from the outside with the ZKSN door open.

ZKSN are offered in two housing sizes:

ZKSN 130/210 – With an outer width of 1.3 m and an outer length of 2.1 m.

ZKSN 160/290 – With an outer width of 1.6 m and an outer length of 2.9 m.

Cable connectors can be equipped with SF6 gas-insulated MV switchgear from all leading manufacturers.