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SMV-1 Air-insulated switchgear

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The switchgear is designed for use in distribution stations of enterprises that generate, transmit and use electricity.


The switchgear is designed for operation in the switchgear stations of enterprises that generate, transmit and use electricity. The switchgear is designed so that normal operation, inspection and maintenance operations can be carried out safely and correctly.

It meets the requirements of PN-EN 62271-200, PN-EN 62271-1 and GOST standards, and has a degree of protection up to IP4X according to PN-EN 60529. It is designed for operation in normal conditions, as defined by PN-EN 62271-1.


  • simple and effective locking system
  • construction made of galvanized sheet metal, joined by riveting
  • metal housing protected throughout and divided into compartments
  • moving the pull-out member from the test/disconnect position to the working position causes the moving partitions to be pulled apart and the fixed contacts to be exposed, allowing the switch contacts to be connected
  • high-speed earthing switch, with short-circuit switching capability in all fields
  • earthing switch equipped with a manual or motor drive; its status is indicated by a position indicator
  • ample space for the installation of cable connections
  • a sight glass in the door makes it possible to clearly visually determine the status of the switch and the arming status of the drive
  • insulators made of epoxy resin in the connection compartment rails supported on support insulators


  • Installation site altitude up to 1,000 meters above sea level.
  • No need to take into account vibrations caused by external factors or earthquakes
  • No significant contamination by salt, steam, dust, smoke, flammable or corrosive gases
  • No icing, frosting or overgrowth
  • relative humidity:
- highest average during the day - 95%
- highest average during the month - 90%
- highest average steam pressure during the day - 2.2 kPa
- highest average vapor pressure in a month - 1.8 kPa

Ambient temperature:

- highest short-term - +40C
- highest average during the day - +35C
- highest annual average - +20C
- lowest long-term - -25C

Rated parameters

Rated voltage12; 17,5 kV, 24kV
Rated continuous current of busbars and supply field630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150 [A]
Rated frequency50 [Hz]
Rated short-term withstand current16, 20, 25, 31,5 [kA/3s]
Rated peak withstand current26, 51, 81, 102 [kA]  
SwitchVD-4, VM1 (ABB); 3AH5 (Siemens); LF, VA (Schneider Electric)
Current transformersTPU (ABB), CTS (KPB-Intra)
Voltage transformersTJP (ABB); VTS (KPB-Intra)
IP degree of protectionIP4X
Dimensions of the basic field750x1250x2200 / 900x1250x2200 / 1200x1400x2200
Weight670-1300 [kg]

Compliance with standards

PN-EN 62271-1
High-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 1: Common provisions.
PN-EN 62271-200
High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 200: A.C. switchgear in metal sheaths for rated voltages above 1 kV up to 52 kV.